The spa building was completely renovated in 1999. The modern two-storey building medical capacity has doubled. Four new outdoor pool was built, using a variety of attractions which have to recreate.

These pools surround the spacious open transportation corridors. The three indoor thermal baths hall 32, 36,38 C-temperature thermal pool.

the strength and combination of other factors of the thermal spa results, thousands of people to book lovers will find healing. A Jodos, bromos, salty medicinal is primarily suitable for the treatment of rheumatic diseases.

Chronic musculoskeletal diseases, attrition, degenerative diseases has been found that a doctor who comply more instructions, mint 90 percent improved nicely.

The effect of surgical treatment bath, nerve, dermatological illnesses (eczema, psoriasis) observed in the handling. Patients undergoing orthopedic surgery on a regular basis in order to attend our after-treatment bath. Good results can be achieved condition after stroke, formed after Heine Medin paralysis, treatment of chronic pain, and nerve neuritis.

In case of gynecological inflammation is beneficial water Szoboszló. Infertile women after two or three times repeated treatments are often reported fogamzásról. The explanation, bitumen by binding to estrogen in our water.

The spa more, than forty kinds of treatments are available for patients. Combined with the various spa treatments are applied. Among other things, massages, sludge treatment, weight bath, underwater massage, physiotherapy underwater, use different electrotherapeutic treatments and cutting-edge soft laser treatment is.

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